The friendliest cup of coffee in Texas is aiming to launch in Kaufman County, Spring of 2024. If you'd like to partner with us to make this happen...or just to learn more...give us your best email and click the button!


the mission

Our mission is to become the most captivating and friendly coffee stand in our community. We plan to accomplish this with unrivaled quality coffee, served consistently with extraordinary kindness, good humor and speedy “buzz-thru” energy to inspire our customers to accomplish big things everyday.

We're here to build a buzz of health, kindness and good ol' fashioned fun & service.


Customers will be encouraged to "Buzz" their drink with a shot of local honey, or by adding our signature "Honeyfoam" top to their coffee. Adding local honey to your daily drink can lower seasonal allergies and help our community stay healthy and fully energized for their day.

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our story

"The Buzz" began when experienced entrepreneur and coffee-lover, Chris Miller and his family moved from their home of 33 years in the Pacific Northwest to Kaufman County.

Shortly after their move, the Miller family took notice of the lack of a local drive-thru specialty coffee shop industry. Having a love for coffee and always looking to seize the right opportunity, the Millers began planning for Kaufman's first double-sided drive-thru specialty coffee shop.

Driven by a mission to serve the highest quality specialty coffee beverages in a way that would meet the demands of busy Texans, "The Buzz" was born.   

Our desire is to launch in Kaufman County, but to eventually expand across Texas and the Southeast through franchising. We are poised to grow rapidly with our signature "double drive through" shipping container buildings (available in a variety of modularized layouts). 

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the "buzz thru" difference

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small footprint

We can install a Buzz Coffee Bar in as little as 800 square feet, which allows the flow of our double drive through system to be maximized for efficency.

ease of access

With the potential for two lanes on either side allow our small bar to create a BIG impact on simplicity of service and access to ordering your favorite drink quickly. 

rapid service

Keeping with the bee theme, our friendly "bee-ristas" will buzz on out to take your order at your car. This makes the ordering system move quicker

the smoothest coffee ever

The Buzz has partnered with Dillanos Coffee Roasters in Sumner, WA to bring the very best of coffee flavors to the Texas market. Far superior to any other "Seattle Siren" can offer, this coffee is used nation wide by highly successful coffee shops who build a highly loyal following with the customers. The quality of this coffee is so smooth, you could drink it black...but you won't have to. 



Managing Member & Brand Builder

Visionary, Brand builder and energetic entreprenuer, Christopher has a knack for creating a buzz wherever he goes. His background in design and marketing has aided his ability as President & CEO of BeeKing’s Honey for the past decade. He has achievced success through both direct to consumer events and storefront sales, along with wholesale distribution into some of the largest retial giants in the nation (Kroger, Safeway, Albertsons, Whole Foods & More). As 3 time award winning fiction novelist, his ability to tell great stories helps to engage audiences of all ages through innovative storytelling and marketing. His keen eye for design helps to bring even the most abstract concepts to life.

Building Productive Workspaces

As CEO of RichCo Preferred, Cody Davis boasts an unrivaled and extensive resume in high traffic restaruant remodels and food service construction. He is an ongoing consultant and contractor for corporate food giants like Krispy Kreme, Sonic Drive In, Texas Road House, Torchy’s Tacos and more all over the nation. His unique ability to efficiently build and remodel the spaces from which food and beverages are prepared and served sets him apart form the crowd.

With accounts in every state, Cody brings unique ability to help with site planning and construction of multiple locations for The Buzz Coffee Bar in Texas and beyond.

Coffee Maverick & Business Strategist

David is the founder and Co-CEO of Dillanos Coffee Roasters, based in Sumner, WA. Dillanos sells wholesale coffee and other supplies to specialty coffee retailers across the U.S. and several countries. He is a serial entreprenuer, leadership expert, and commercial real estate investor. David, along with his brother Chris Heyer, have several business interests in hotels, apartments, office buildings and various other business ventures. David is also the co-author of several books including The Rolling Desk (www.Dillanos.com/the-rolling-desk.html)

Retail Strategist & Company Culture

Bryan Reynolds is Co-Founder & CEO of ANTHEM Coffee. He’s a purpose driven team builder and has a great ability for helping businesses develop great brands and culture. He was honored as one of the “40 Under 40” in Business by South Sound Business Magazine in 2018. Over the past 17 years, Bryan has built ANTHEM Coffee into 7 locations around the South Puget Sound providing “Heroic Hospitality” to each community they serve. Bryan is also a Business Success Coach and Consultant helping business leaders and owners overcome their biggest obstacles so that their businesses can scale.

Team Member & Customer Flow

Former GM of Chick-Fil-A, Andrew loves working to build an atmosphere of extreme customer service to any business. He currently works as an assistant Traffic Engineer where he oversees traffic impact of new construction, performs traffic counts and analyzes the data for optimal traffic flow.

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